Employee Training

The firm offers a variety of training courses to educate employees.   Education is the most cost-effective way to proactively prevent employment issues.   We are able to work with you to customize educational programs to meet your needs and goals.

One of our most popular courses is an interactive sexual harassment program educating employees on how to define and prevent harassment and how to voice a concern within the organization.Since the #METOO movement has started, many legislatures have acted swiftly to enact laws mandating live sexual harassment training, finding on-line courses to be ineffective.

In this program, we will lead your employees through a 75-90 minute innovative, comprehensive platform. Solution based and practical, the program features experiential learning, real time interactive survey tools and storytelling scenarios. The program will also educate employees in plain English on the applicable laws and regulations, and what the applicable laws mean in today’s new world where the lines of acceptable (legal) behavior and unacceptable, harassing behavior have become blurred.  This unique training encourages collaborative conversation, long-term learning and risk reduction, and will meet your team where they are on these issues.

Participants will walk away from the program with a clear understanding of how current employment laws affect them, and what is and is not acceptable behavior, as well as how to voice concerns and complaints.