Employees Can Now File an EEOC Complaint Online

By: Christina M. Reger 

Yes, it’s true. Even the federal agencies are catching up with technology. Just two weeks ago, the EEOC launched a new national online portal for employees. The EEOC Public Portal will allow employees to inquire, set up appointments and file a complaint online. The site is a virtual one-stop shopping for aggrieved employees. A press release announcing the new portal can be found here

This information should come as no surprise. Last year, I told you about the government launching another site to allow employees the ability to file Department of Labor complaints. 

So in the wake of the Weinstein Company debacle, and the plethora of sexual harassment claims made against various individuals and companies, might I suggest that your best course of action, is an ounce of prevention. Like your momma told you, it could be better than a pound of cure.